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Made using the finest techniques of Champagne & fine wine production, the result is a cider of freshness and balance like no other. Appleman cider gives and explosion of fresh apples on the palate, fruit sweetness balanced by crisp acidity, and a beautiful lingering finish. Like the perfect first bite of a ripe red apple plucked straight from the tree. Why don't you pluck an apple yourself to find out more... Or click the apple in his hand to find out about the man....

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The Man

In the foothills of the Southern Highlands, NSW, raconteur and recluse Appleman composes his blends at night. He knows the crisp mountain air amplifies the aromatic qualities of the red apples. The blends are written on foolscap paper, posted to Sutton Forest, and there assembled as exactly as directed. Until recently, the true history of this intriguing man was unknown. Now with each blend Appleman wishes to share the tales of his extraordinary life. This first remarkable cider is only the beginning…


Fresh Fruit, not concentrate

The blend of Appleman has two main varieties, Royal Gala and Pink Lady, with a range of supporting red varieties in the background. This is so Appleman has access to fresh fruit, not concentrate, for 10 months of the year. This is essential in creating the fresh, lively apple taste and aroma expected from Appleman.


Pink Lady

Lady Williams and Golden Delicious met one late autumn evening. Born from this union was the Cripps Pink. More commonly known as Pink Lady, she took this name to appear decidedly uncommon (as the nouveu riche are want to do). Crisp, sweet and juicy it's perfect for a cider blend.


Royal Gala

Another progeny of the busy Golden Delicious cultivar (few modern apples have escaped a hybridized union with this amber gent. If the apple is the fruit of temptation, then it seems the Golden Delicious could tempt the devil himself). While the Royal Gala lacks the polish and glamour of the Pink Lady, it makes up for it in firmness, resilience and crisp acidity adding balance to the blend.


Red Delicious

Starting its life under the moniker Hawkeye but abandoning the name in the wake of the popular TV series *MASH* the Red Delicious is one of the few modern varieties with no relation to the Golden Delicious. Not for lack of that louche cultivar trying I am sure. Large fruit with medium sweetness, it splendidly rounds out the blend.



Pressing the fruit is a delicate process. Appleman fruit is pressed under the cover of CO2 to make sure there is no oxidization or browning or bruising. The juice is chilled and transported to the winery at night to ensure it remains in its most cool perfect condition.


Prior to ferment, the juice is analysed to ensure the sugar and acid are at the required levels. Blend consistency is crucial, and Appleman makes sure that even though it is made in small batches, each blend is as perfect as the one before.



Using a specialized strain of neutral yeast favoured by the great houses of Champagne, the soft delicate flavours of the apples are preserved through a long cool ferment that lasts precisely as long as it needs to. Nothing is rushed.



After blending it is sent for bottling. The cider is only lightly carbonated, which is crucial in achieving the overall balance you experience in every bottle of Appleman. It is pasteurized, which means less of the preservative sulfur needs to be used.



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